Thursday, 30 July 2015


WALT Create a persuasive speech about a topic. (Writing) My speech topic is the world is unfair, I am agreeing to  this. Well I guess that I could test my speech I have planned in my head. Ok so I believe that the world is unfair here is a reason, we have worked hard to build everything we have, but that could all be gone in a second, what would the world do about that nothing, lives gone in the dust everything is  up to us to atleast in Maze Runner they got a box that has supplies we don't and how is that fair oh wait it's not!

WALT Ask better questions when researching a topic. This WALT activity was in our mail and then we had to open it up. We had to pair up. We were ask a set of questions, someone read them out while someone writ them in and answered them. They were closed and opened questions.

Behaviour for sport SDL

          WALT Behave properly throughout sport like koru games, Friday sport and break times.
 I can lose my temper easily, I reckon that I need to calm down or take five whenever I feel angry or upset. Also I should work on listening instead of arguing with the ref even if he or she, makes a mistake, because everyone makes mistakes. Another thing I could work on is  to stop rolling my eyes whenever a teacher tells me to wait to talk to them, or  when he or she tells me to come off.