Thursday, 22 October 2015


   Today we had to start SDL [self directed learning] and the first thing i did was maths. So i decided to blog about it. i did a booklet that was very hard and my teacher Mr Brown said that it was the easy one. Liar liar pants on fire. The first two pages were easy yes but the next pages were cruel. With the
 first two pages i had to rotate and measure shapes and see what the answer was.I got 15 out 21 this show that I can complete over half way of the answers. If 21 can be halfed.
I have been working on ....

Taking my maths seriously I dislike maths a lot, so I had to pick up my game, maths game. I have tried my hardest to focus on my maths but it just is so hard. You don't know how hard it is to be a year 7 unless you are or older.

My next step is to .....

Go for the hard math question so I can understand other hard math questions.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

Over the last three days

I really enjoyed Koru Games because it was something different  because I never new Koru Games was a thing. Koru Games Is a sports district made by selwyn sports.

I have improved on football because I didn't make it in to the football team, but then after mr muller came back from his injury he noticed me play and asked if I wanted to take the open space in the b team because hatham left.

Friday, 28 August 2015

This week for writing.

This week for writing the class had to write a hole speech about one topic.The point of this speech was to create a persuasive argument. My topic was the world is unfair and I was agreeing on this, so I had to create an argument a persuasive argument on why the world is unfair. I didn't get enough time so i had to improvise and it drum roll dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadad awesome. My next step is to get it all down and practice.

Te reo

Today (Friday) for te reo I presented my mihi of by heart. One thing i enjoyed about presenting my  mihi is that i pronounced my mihi well.One thing that I should work on is my nervs because that get the better of me a lot. We also did, he aha hakinkina pai ki ahau koe, which means, what is your favorite sport, and here is a sport in moari. hutuporo, rugby, and hakinakina pai ki ahau is this is my favourite sport. Here is a demonstration. He aha hakinakina pai ki ahau koe, hakinakina pai ki ahau hutuporo. My next step is to slow it down so people can understand me. Thank you for reading my day about te reo bye.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Today in science we did  acids and alkalis experiment they are both 2 groups of substances that effect you twenty four seven (mostly) the acids in our stomach help us digest our food that we eat.
We had a plastic cup of a liquid called red cabbage and put it in a tray, after that we added other acids and bases like, baking soda, apple, lemon, and so on. Then we tested to see if they change color or not, marked the results  down on a sheet then moved on to the next one. A thing that I learnt about acids and bases is the acid  is in vomit but I can not remember the name.

Thursday, 30 July 2015


WALT Create a persuasive speech about a topic. (Writing) My speech topic is the world is unfair, I am agreeing to  this. Well I guess that I could test my speech I have planned in my head. Ok so I believe that the world is unfair here is a reason, we have worked hard to build everything we have, but that could all be gone in a second, what would the world do about that nothing, lives gone in the dust everything is  up to us to atleast in Maze Runner they got a box that has supplies we don't and how is that fair oh wait it's not!

WALT Ask better questions when researching a topic. This WALT activity was in our mail and then we had to open it up. We had to pair up. We were ask a set of questions, someone read them out while someone writ them in and answered them. They were closed and opened questions.

Behaviour for sport SDL

          WALT Behave properly throughout sport like koru games, Friday sport and break times.
 I can lose my temper easily, I reckon that I need to calm down or take five whenever I feel angry or upset. Also I should work on listening instead of arguing with the ref even if he or she, makes a mistake, because everyone makes mistakes. Another thing I could work on is  to stop rolling my eyes whenever a teacher tells me to wait to talk to them, or  when he or she tells me to come off.