Thursday, 30 July 2015


WALT Create a persuasive speech about a topic. (Writing) My speech topic is the world is unfair, I am agreeing to  this. Well I guess that I could test my speech I have planned in my head. Ok so I believe that the world is unfair here is a reason, we have worked hard to build everything we have, but that could all be gone in a second, what would the world do about that nothing, lives gone in the dust everything is  up to us to atleast in Maze Runner they got a box that has supplies we don't and how is that fair oh wait it's not!

WALT Ask better questions when researching a topic. This WALT activity was in our mail and then we had to open it up. We had to pair up. We were ask a set of questions, someone read them out while someone writ them in and answered them. They were closed and opened questions.

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