Friday, 4 March 2016

Title 2.

Today I was not away which was a miracle. Lets' get in to it.

So we all went to play with the little kids(Year 0 and 1 ). We had planned some games before we went to go play with them. Me and Levi planned duck duck goose. (Well Levi did he did not let me co operate) We got three kids. Nathan, Zach and ... I am sorry I don't remember the third boys' name. So Levi asked who knows how too play duck duck goose. The kids went wild saying yes. so we sat down and played. T.B.H it was very very very VERY boring.

After that we joined a new group and they were so!! Fussy. I was very P.O but later Jack M came and we linked groups and had alot of fun. We played chain tag and had a blast. then we played fishes and sharks. Its pretty much octopus wait it is octopus. Then we ran out of time and we all went back and i got some hard high fives for year 0 and 1.

Thank you for reading about my day I hope you enjoyed.

If you did not then you tell me your day. ;)

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